Coronavirus COVID-19, Family Law, Parenting Plans, and Court and Law Firm Operations

The ongoing Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic has created significant uncertainties, challenges, and worries– especially for divorced and unmarried parents who have questions about how and whether to continue to follow their parenting plans. In order to assist people through this challenging time, The Law Office of Todd J. Allen remains open and operational within the limits of the current Stay at Home order. All client meetings and communications are currently handled remotely through email and telephone. The courthouse is currently operating under significantly limited operations and will only hear cases that it considers to be an emergent matter, typically relating to the safety of children where the children can potentially suffer irreparable harm. Based on court actions so far, it appears that temporary financial and property issues are being postponed at least until the governor’s Stay at Home order is lifted.

We understand that you my have concerns about what to do during this period. Guidance from the courts and State Government appear to fall on the side of continuing to follow existing parenting plans. However, in some cases safety and health concerns may make that impossible. If you have questions or concerns about what to do during this time, you are encouraged to reach out to a lawyer to discuss your individual matter. The Law Office of Todd J. Allen is available to consult on all parenting plans, divorce, and family law issues during this difficult time.




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