Divorce and Family Law services

In Bellingham and Whatcom county

Divorce and family law disputes can be a time of great stress and uncertainty. The Law Office of Todd J. Allen is dedicated to helping people through these difficult circumstances and finding a way to reach the best resolution possible. Whether you are going through a divorce, parenting dispute, support issue, or other family law matter, The Law Office of Todd J. Allen can help you.

Todd Allen is a highly respected Bellingham attorney providing skillful, compassionate, and effective representation in divorces and other family law matters. Recognizing the enormous impact such disputes can have on everyone involved (especially children), Todd is focused on reaching mutual agreements to resolve whatever issues need attention. This can be achieved through the use of negotiation, mediation, and other alternative dispute resolution practices help resolve matters without engaging in highly contentious litigation. However, recognizing that it takes the active participation of all parties to reach an agreed resolution, it is often necessary to proceed to court when the other party is not cooperative. 

When court action is necessary, Todd’s many years of experience in the courtroom will ensure that you are well represented. Your divorce, custody issue, or other family law matter will be exhaustively prepared and persuasively argued to present the best possible case to the court. That being said, Todd does not engage in frivolous litigation or generate unnecessary conflict, which tends to only cost the client more money and not achieve productive results. With the client’s goals and interests in mind, The Law Office of Todd J. Allen operates under a high standard of ethics and will endeavor to make sure that your case is handled efficiently, competently, and effectively.