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The Law Office of Todd J. Allen consists of attorney Todd Allen and Limited License Legal Technician (L.L.L.T.) / Paralegal Anna Casey. Their combined experience and teamwork ensures that every client is well represented and each case is handled with dedication and legal proficiency. Please scroll below to learn more about Todd and Chellie and how they can both serve you and your unique needs.


Todd J. Allen

Whatcom county divorce and family law attorney

Todd J. Allen

Todd is focused on helping people navigate through some of life’s most difficult situations in a productive and efficient manner. Divorce, separation, parenting disputes, and support issues can cause enormous stress and uncertainty in your life. He understands what you are going through and strives to help guide you through those challenges. He can assist you in resolving your matter with lasting satisfaction and dignity, whether that be reached through a cooperative approach, or, if necessary, courtroom advocacy.

Todd’s path through the practice of law has been richly varied. Since graduating from the University of Washington School of Law in 2006, he has represented and achieved positive results for thousands of clients in civil and criminal matters — from indigent criminal defendants to multi-billion dollar companies, and everyone in between. This broad experience in the practice of law has helped him develop a unique perspective and finely honed skills to most effectively achieve the best possible legal outcomes. 

Over the years, Todd has discovered that the practice of family law is where he can have the most positive impact on people’s lives when they need it the most. And while some clients desire a more cooperative and less contentious approach, others need more vigorous advocacy in court. His flexible practice and breadth of experience can assist you with the appropriate representation your case requires.

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Away from the practice of law, you will probably find Todd biking up on Galbraith or some of the many other incredible trails in our area. In the winter, he’ll just as likely be up in the snow at Mount Baker. When at home, Todd spends an inordinate amount of time attempting to craft a soothing, moss-filled backyard landscape.

Todd and his wife also enjoy getting out on adventures whenever possible– locally and abroad. And while he is a firm believer in the enriching benefits of travel and a varied experience, he also appreciates a strong sense of home. That’s Bellingham.



Zermat, Switzerland


Anna Casey